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Hello! It’s DeeDee Maguire. While I specialize in projected presentation design, I’m also skilled in graphic design and print publications. Since each assignment is unique, I craft and customize marketing collateral based on the client’s objective and target audience. This includes photo sourcing
and creating illustrative elements. 

It’s important to develop a relationship with the client at
the start, to assess your needs, to understand your
business — combined with a mutual understanding, work to ensure your strategic objectives are met. I aim to find the best solution to each project at hand. 

In my private time, I keep involved with several creative endeavors: painting, drawing, theatre, writing, and photography. I've participated in juried art shows, where I've received
several awards and have exhibited at galleries in NYC's Chelsea art district. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio and that we’ll have the opportunity to work together soon.


DeeDee Maguire

skill set — overview

Custom Presentation design from scratch, from client templates, redesign and/or "tidy up" clients' draft materials.


Source images from client's photo library and/or entities such as Getty Images. Determine those which are appropriate for the presentation and
the target audience.


Logo design from scratch, and modernize outdated logos, particularly during a corporate
re-branding program.


Create custom charts via Excel, or directly in the PowerPoint application. Use Excel to develop formulae as needed.

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Create business collateral, such as annual and quarterly reports, newsletters, business cards, and other printed material geared toward shareholders and prospective clients.


Brainstorming with colleagues often sparks creative and strategic ideas that add value to the organization's marketing goals.


Assist in editing and copyrighting. Proofread colleagues' projects.

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Being off-site, I'm flexible. I'm available to work with local teams and those in several global time zones. Meeting deadlines is a mutual undertaking — and
communication is key!

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